About HPWizard

HPWizard is a role-playing plugin for the Harry Potter world.

The main goal of the plugin is to re-create all the Harry Potter world related things and behaviours in order to build a complete experience on minecraft servers.

Plugin features

This is a brief resume of all the plugin features, each feature will be detailed on its corresponding page.

  • Spells (of course)
    • Wands
    • Adding and removing spells to Wizards
    • Spell customization
  • Brooms
  • Houses
    • House point system
      • Adding, removing and viewing points for each House
      • Display signs
      • Meters
      • Trophies
    • House cups
      • Titles
      • Broadcast messages
      • Different rewards for each winning house
  • Sorting hat
  • Floo network
  • High customization options for almost every aspect of the plugin